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About the Credit Report

The Credit Report contains the following credit-related information of a borrower:


1) Outstanding Credit(s)

All credit facilities obtained by the borrower, which are still outstanding, either under -

  • the borrower’s own name;
  • a joint name with another borrower(s);
  • a name of a sole proprietorship or partnership where the borrower is the owner of the partnership or the business;
  • the name of a professional body where the borrower is the member of the body; or
  • the name of a corporation.


Credit facilities that have been fully settled are excluded from the credit report.


2) Special Attention Account(s)

All outstanding credit facilities under close supervision of the participating financial institutions.


3) Application(s) for Credit

All applications approved in the previous 12 months and pending applications for the borrower.



Who Can request for the Credit Report
  • Financial institutions upon any credit application and during the review of creditworthiness of existing customers;
  • Any individual for own credit report;
  • Registered credit reporting agencies which are approved by Bank Negara Malaysia, with prior consent from the borrower;
  • Any individual for credit report of own business(es) i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership or professional body; and
  • Any company for its own credit report.