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Learning About Credit Bureau Getting Your Credit Report Understanding the Credit Information Disputing Your Credit Report Information
Learn more about the background, roles and functions of the Credit Bureau, Bank Negara Malaysia.

•  About Credit Bureau
•  Role of the Credit Bureau

See sample of the credit report and understand the content. Find out the use of the report and how to obtain it.

•  About the Credit Report
•  Who Could Request for the Credit Report
•  Uses of the Credit Report
•  Obtaining Your Credit Report

Find out what information is being collected by the Credit Bureau, who supplies these information and the Act governing its confidentiality.

•  Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)
•  Credit Information Held by the Credit Bureau
•  Confidentiality of Information
•  Accuracy of Credit Information
•  Financial Institutions Participating in CCRIS

Verify your credit report information and know the steps to rectify the inaccuracy of information in the report, if needed.

•  Verifying Information in Your Credit Report
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